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What are metacognition and self regulation?

Metacognition refers to children’s ability to be aware of what

they are thinking about and choose a helpful thought process.  

It captures children’s ability to:

  • Analyse how they think

  • Have high self-awareness and control of their thoughts

  • Choose an appropriate and helpful strategy for the task at hand.

Metacognition and self-regulation approaches help our children think about their own learning more explicitly, by systematically teaching them specific strategies for planning, monitoring and evaluating their learning. Teaching is designed to give children a range of strategies to choose from and the skills to select the most suitable strategy for a given learning task.

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James Mannion 2020

Our aim


At Wentworth,  we aim to equip every child with the ability to think critically, creatively and reflectively and to understand how they learn best. By nurturing our pupil’s thinking skills and intelligent learning behaviours, we aim to support them in acquiring the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to become confident, independent, lifelong learners. When pupils fully understand how they think and learn, they develop resilience, make greater progress and become more adaptable to change when faced with challenges.  These skills ensure they are fully equipped to make informed life choices in their future - a future within a rapidly changing digital world.   



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At Wentworth, thinking is placed at the centre of all whole school and classroom practice. Therefore when implementing new strategies, we ensure these approaches have a robust evidence base for supporting effective thinking and learning. 


We are developing teaching for thinking approaches and are beginning to integrate these into everyday teaching practices in order to create thinking classrooms.

We are also working towards becoming a Thinking School.   This is to enable children to become more active participants in their learning with the ultimate goal of becoming more independent and resilient.

Becoming a Thinking School

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Our Thinking School Vision: 

  • to create a whole school culture of thinking.

  • to nurture lifelong intelligent learning behaviours.

  • to create a common language for thinking and learning.

  • to create a common set of metacognitive visual tools to make thinking visible .

  • to teach metacognition and self regulation explicitly to develop self-regulated learners.

  • to create a culture where collective as well as individual thinking is valued, visible and active.

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