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Maths lessons at Wentworth have a culture of exploration to deepen children's knowledge. Children are encouraged to review and recap prior learning in order to secure foundational learning concepts to then continue to nurture new knowledge.

Our teachers deliver maths lessons through the following phases:

- Discover

- Share

- Think together

- Practice


Children engage in specific recall and retrieval practice of key knowledge needed for the lesson. They explore key 'secrets' or 'generalisations' enabling them to make connections in their learning. This knowledge is strengthened and challenged accordingly.

Share and think together

These phases of the lesson form the guided practice. Children engage in whole class teaching of new learning concepts and deepen their understanding of these through careful planning and sequenced activities. Children are encouraged to develop deepened learning through a thriving culture of challenge. Children are encouraged to speak in full sentences and use STEM sentences to facilitate their comunication of mathematical ideas. In this phase, children are often presented with misconceptions which they need to 'fix'. Mathematical observancy of children is a key driver their continued success.


This phase of the lesson is known as independent practice. Children use their newly acquired knowledge and apply this to independent learning activities. Children use the rehearsed representations and structures to help them to succeed in their learning. Teachers offer scaffolding to ensure all children have the opportunity to reach an expected level of attainment and further challenge is given to support those who require it.

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